Botswana’s annual inflation edges up in April

17 May 2024

Annual inflation for April in Botswana surged 0.2 of a percentage point compared to the 2.9% rate registered in March.

Statistics Botswana (StatsBots), the national data authority, reported on Wednesday that the annual inflation rate for April stood at 3.1%.

The primary contributors to the April 2024 annual inflation rate were miscellaneous goods and services, transport, and food and non-alcoholic beverages.

“Three group indices recorded changes of at least 1.0% between March and April 2024, specifically miscellaneous goods and services, transport and alcoholic beverages and tobacco,” said Acting Statistician General Lucky Mokgatlhe.

StatsBots noted that the index for miscellaneous goods and services saw a 5.8% increase, rising from 136.2 in March to 144.1 in April 2024.

“The increase was mainly owed to a rise in the constituent section index of insurance and taxes, licenses, and fees,” Mokgatlhe went on to say.

Additionally, StatsBots reported that the transport group index increased by 2.4%, climbing from 149.9 in March to 153.4 in April 2024.

Furthermore, StatsBots indicated that the alcoholic beverages and tobacco group index rose by 1.2%, increasing from 133.2 in March 2024 to 134.8 in April 2024. This rise was attributed to the increase in the index for the alcoholic beverages section.