BoSICTA push for more ICT knowledge

24 Jul 2019

The president of Botswana Schools ICT Association (BoSICTA) called for Botswana to become a producer of information and communications technology (ICT) items. He explained how knowledge in ICT would benefit the future society.   
Mr Kobamelo Magampane, who was speaking at the BoSICTA national fair at Ghanzi Senior Secondary School stated how by focusing on ICT skills would be an investment for Botswana, allowing society to benefit from it. He said that encouraging students to study programming and ICT might lead to a learner who would help future problems with the skills learnt, amid the Ministry of Basic Education’s attempt at engaging students. Having affordable chances would allow young individuals to learn on such a topic.

 District population development officer, Mr Thatayaone Maithamako, insisted that such an opportunity cannot be missed, as Botswana would certainly gain from such an education. He went on to identify innovation and creativity as a key developer of having sustainable economic growth and development. Maithamako claimed that the result of investing in the teaching of ICT would be the possibility of seeing cheaper answers to problems in the area as well as save costs on education expenses.
Moreover, the Chief education officer Mr Releseng Malefho, was also present at the event. He showed how we world has now become very dependent on technology, which has been instilled into our daily lives. Whilst raising alarm on cybercrime, Malefho agreed that the use of ICT has made lives easier.